Saturday, 8 July 2017

Dried Roses

David bought me some beautiful flowers for Mum's anniversary the week before last but the roses faded fast (probably due to the heat) so I removed them from the bouquet and set about drying them. I love the delicacy of dried roses and there is something really special about being able to preserve a flower to last so much longer. Here are some of the roses from David...

The following ones are at least a year old and still look absolutely stunning. All I do is put them in an empty vase (no water) on the windowsill and wait. The ones from last week went a bit droopy so I moved them into an upside down hanging position in the conservatory for a couple of days before the stem dried out completely and that sorted them out a treat.

Finally, I have also dried out a couple of the rose heads from my memorial rose in my garden. The roses on the plant are white, occasionally with a yellow or pink hue. They don't stay white when you dry them out, as you can see, but they are still beautiful. 

I haven't managed to find any other flower that you can do this with so far. Any ideas anyone?

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