Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Flower Pounding

We've put some flowers from the garden into the press this week. We haven't done any since last autumn so Jess has forgotten that it takes a while before we can get them out and use them to make something beautiful. So, I thought we'd try something new today and we have tried flower pounding. That's right, I let Jessica loose with my pin hammer and we both escaped injury - phew!

We chose lots of petals that had fallen from my plants in the garden and placed them face down on some acid-free watercolour paper. We covered the petals with kitchen paper and hammered away. Satisfyingly vivid colours bled through the kitchen towel and when we revealed the artwork there were squeals! We actually found it better to do the hammering a few petals at a time and it was really interesting how the dyes coming out of the flower differed from the actual petal colour. Every red petal we tried came out purple for some reason! 

Here's Jessica's beautiful botanical artwork...

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