Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Preschool Christmas Cake Decorating

They're a bit lumpy and bumpy but who really wants to chop the top off their fruit cake so that they get the perfect finish?! Here are our Christmas cakes for this year. There's one for us and one for my Dad and sister to share. Jessica enjoyed painting the cakes with apricot glaze a couple of days ago and then had a whale of a time with the icing today. She did a lot of the rolling and cutting as well as a large amount of eating and playing! I use edible glue to secure the stars, which can be quite fiddly and then we used edible ink pens for the writing. These were brilliant on the white icing today as I had covered them yesterday ensuring that the icing was pretty firm. I wasn't up for anything too elaborate this year and it was nice to share the experience with Jess on this occasion. 

Right, that's the end of my Christmas posts for this year. Merry Christmas everyone!

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