Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Shape Pictures

World Book Day is almost upon us again so we've been thinking about favourite books this week and last. Jessica's taken some pictures into nursery that she's drawn, including one of Gobbolino and Sootica the witch's cats, which we're reading at the moment. Today we turned our attention back to a firm favourite, The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark. As with the other animal pictures that follow, I cut out what I was told to and Jessica assembled the pictures. She can be terribly bossy at times!!

This next one is Nala, the black cat that lives down the road from us. I'm not sure why she needed two pink paws or why she's holding them up as if she's begging but I can explain (to some extent) why she has seven whiskers - it is one of Jessica's many whims! She always draws three whiskers on both sides and then a fourth on the left. At this point, she always says, "there's the extra whisker". It's her little style, shows that the picture belongs to her I suppose.

The cat was for me, so she had to make one for Daddy too. Naturally, he got a bird. In this case a Tawny Owl. To be specific, a lady Tawny Owl, identifiable by the eyelashes. Six eyelashes, not seven as her whim has not extended beyond whiskers yet!

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