Tuesday, 6 March 2018

World Book Day Part 4 - Chicken Licken

During one of our shopping trips before Christmas, Jessica had spotted a collection of Ladybird Classic story books and asked if she could have them for her birthday. As it happened I had already ordered a larger collection from The Book People, which we have both been delighted by. It's a great mix of fairy tales and traditional stories that I would highly recommend, particularly at the incredible price of £21.99 for 22 books. 

I can't claim that Chicken Licken is a firm favourite yet because we only read it for the first time on World Book Day last week but Jessica liked it well enough to want to make some of the characters from the book after just one reading. She's been acting out the story with them ever since. She's highly amused by the idea of the sky falling down and isn't the least bit bothered that they all get eaten at the end. Actually she frequently tells me that foxes like to eat birds and that she knows that for a fact! Anyway, here are Chicken Licken and Goosey Loosey, two of the poor, ill-fated birds from the book...

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