Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Fingerprint Thank You Cards

I can hardly believe that Jessica's time at preschool is coming to an end this week. She's made some fabulous friends, many of whom will stay with her through her journey into Primary school, and she's had some really caring teachers who have helped her to flourish and ensure that she's ready for the next steps. 

With so many people to thank we haven't gone over the top this time but Jessica and I have tried to make some lovely things for her teachers to remember her by. I'll share them over the next few days, starting with these fingerprint cat cards...

Jessica's fingerprints were a bit little for her to be able to draw the faces on the cats so she asked me to do everything but the tails. She's always loved a crazy cat tail! She used ink pads to do the fingerprints and to stamp the "Thank You". I absolutely love these cards and they were so quick and easy.

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