Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Dinosaur Shrinkies

We really love Shrinkles but, my word, they can be expensive so imagine my delight when Jessica and I stumbled upon these dinosaur ones in Home Bargains for just 79p! They are not the Shrinkles branded product but they worked every bit as well and we'd definitely buy them again and again and again! We got just a single sheet to colour in but they included lots of pencils, clips, magnets, key chains etc and kept us busy for at least an hour. Aside from colouring them and enjoying watching them magically shrivel and shrink in the oven Jessica just loves playing with the characters that she's created afterwards. As I often say, what's not to love?!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the idea, you get a thick plastic sheet with images printed on it. You colour in a textured side, cut out your shapes and bake them for a minute or so in the oven to shrink them. The shapes become about 7 times smaller and thicker and the colour intensifies too. They are just marvellous. Below is an image of the shapes on a baking sheet before and after going into the oven. I have not moved any of the dinosaurs so you can get a sense of how much they shrink. Pretty cool huh!

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