Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Marshmallow Geometry

We had a lot of fun shape building with cocktail sticks and marshmallows this morning. We made some 2D shapes first and Jess was keen to tell me how many sticks and marshmallows we'd used for each shape. Then we built up our models so that they would stand creating pyramids and prisms. She told me that the Go Jetters visit The Pyramids and pretended that the cube was an icy cold ice cube. She also commented that the square based pyramid had a more space on the bottom than the tetrahedron. You're never too young to enjoy a spot of geometry!

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Paper Towel Roses

We're getting ready for Mother's Day at Toddler Group tomorrow. This week we'll be decorating upcycled toilet roll vases and making paper towel roses. 

There are two types of rose here. The first one has kept us busy with watercolours and pipette painting. We've been dripping watercolours onto kitchen paper and then leaving them to dry all over the house!

Once they're dry we separate the two sheets of paper on each towel and then cut each one in half to form rectangles. You need two rectangles for each rose and they both need to be folded twice to create long, thin rectangles with four layers. Attach one end of one of them to a straw (we used plastic tape) and then keep wrapping. At the end of the first piece I have just carried on with the second (no need to tape together) before using the plastic tape at the base to secure the rose to the straw.

The second type is made from unpainted kitchen towel in the same way and then coloured in using felt-tip pens. They're quite striking.

I have glued cotton pads to the base of the toilet rolls so that the flowers don't fall through the bottom and have covered them in coloured paper ready for the little ones to use stickers to decorate them. Here is the trial one that Jess made...

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Embossing on Ceramics

Please forgive me for the unseasonal timing of this post but there was no way I could wait until next Christmas to share this craft. I bought lots of ceramic decorations from Hobbycraft last Christmas and decided to try out something that we'd never done before. 

I have an embossing pen and ink pad that Jessica and I used to emboss onto the ceramics. It was brilliant. Jess loved tipping the powders over the ink and shaking them off as well as watching the magic of the melting under the heat gun. We did them all one colour at a time and were careful to have a large cork mat underneath because the ceramics get incredibly hot. These looked beautiful on the tree.

I was particularly tickled by Jessica's insistence that the snowmen all needed legs and I absolutely love her reindeer. That was my favourite decoration last year I think.

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