Friday, 8 February 2019

Latch-hook Fox Cushion

I loved making this latch-hook kit from Hobbycraft. It's been five years since I completed my last latch-hook project but it's a craft that I will keep coming back to. It's relaxing, simple and satisfying. I have to be honest though, I was not keen on the printed canvas for this project. It was not accurate and could be distracting when following the pattern. In addition, I ran out of wool in one colour before I'd completed the project and so had to adjust the design slightly. Still, it was well worth the money I paid for it (on offer at half price) and Jessica is thrilled with her new cushion so I'd definitely consider doing more of them in the future.

Thursday, 7 February 2019

Coffee Stencil Thank You Cards

One of the many disadvantages to having a birthday close to Christmas is the huge number of thank you cards you have to make and write in a short space of time. It will get easier as Jessica gets older and more confident with her writing but this year it seemed to go one forever!

I had cards printed for Christmas but we made the cards for thanking people for birthday presents. We tried out something new and were pleased with the results. We used coffee stencils on the cards, filled them with PVA glue and then sprinkled with copious amounts of glitter. They were simple and effective and I suspect we will be using this technique again.

Sunday, 30 December 2018

Chunky Crochet Blanket

Back in October, my sister stunned me by asking me to make her a crocheted blanket for Christmas. Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity. I went for my usual granny square with double-v edging because of the wool that Jessica had chosen for me - I like the effect of the multi-coloured yarn when working in rounds. Jessica's selection was really chunky and pretty heavy. I've never got through balls of wool so quickly. I needed a new ball of wool every day! I would have used just coloured yarn but I couldn't get hold of it so I had to add a significant amount of monochrome in there too. I still think it's a damn fine item and I was very reluctant to give it away!

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