Friday, 24 March 2017

Cotton Pad Birds

This one comes from a Happy Hooligan post from a couple of years ago. It popped up on my Facebook feed this week and when Jess said she wanted to make a chick card for Gran for Mother's Day I couldn't resist giving these a go. I love the simplicity of them, especially as they are so full of charm!

We got the pipettes out again for this craft (they are rapidly becoming crafting staples for us) and dripped liquid watercolours over cotton pads. They took a really long time to dry (we left them overnight) but it was worth the wait. We then glued on a feather tail, foam beak and a couple of googly eyes of Jessica's choosing. I must admit, I like them best when she doesn't choose eyes that match! The little lady likes them so much that she had to keep two for herself and, of course, she absolutely had to mount them on hot pink card...

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Colour mixing with pipettes

Jessica really enjoyed exploring colour mixing yesterday. We used watercolours in an ice cube tray starting with the three primary colours (blue, yellow and red) and mixed drips of colours using a pipette. 

She was really methodical about trying each combination of colours so at one point we did have a tray with all three primary and all three secondary colours in. She then continued to have fun mixing them up until she managed to get them all the same colour. We must have been a little short of red because she didn't quite end up with brown!

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Marshmallow Geometry

We had a lot of fun shape building with cocktail sticks and marshmallows this morning. We made some 2D shapes first and Jess was keen to tell me how many sticks and marshmallows we'd used for each shape. Then we built up our models so that they would stand creating pyramids and prisms. She told me that the Go Jetters visit The Pyramids and pretended that the cube was an icy cold ice cube. She also commented that the square based pyramid had a more space on the bottom than the tetrahedron. You're never too young to enjoy a spot of geometry!

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