Sunday, 7 March 2010

Past Mother’s Day Cards

I’m having problems with my scanner at the moment so despite having made 40 Mother’s Day cards this year, I can’t show them off yet. However, I did think it was an appropriate time to blog some of the cards I’ve previously made for this occasion.

mothers' day 1

mothers' day 8

mothers' day 4

mothers' day 6

mothers' day 5

mothers' day 3

mothers' day 2

mothers' day 7

They may be time consuming but you can’t beat a hand-stitched card. These are all based on designs bought from

It’s an excellent website and 10% of the sale of patterns is donated to an international children’s charity. You receive the patterns instantly in a pdf format that you can print out. You can even sell your cards as long as you use their design copyright labels on them. I’d definitely recommend taking a look.

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