Saturday, 24 September 2011

Never any time in September

September is always a big month for me and unfortunately the only thing I get time to do at weekends is craft numerous UCAS references for my form whilst evenings are filled with marking until I find a routine that suits me better. So far this month I have found the odd hour to devote to the cross-stitch kite but I’m now getting really frustrated that I don’t have time for any other projects. I’ve satisfied myself with a little hemming this morning before I head out for a day of sailing!
As a Mathematics enthusiast, I regularly read Plus Magazine, which is a fantastic online publication. When browsing the site the other day, I stumbled across a review for a book that looks brilliant and was swiftly added to my Amazon wish list. I met the woman who’s written the review at a conference at Murray Edwards College back in July. If only I’d known she were a crafter – our conversation would have been much more varied!
Click the picture below to read more…
I have six more early deadline references to write in the next few days then I might just be able to do something about my urge to get crafting again. Fingers crossed.

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