Friday, 20 January 2012

Little Princes

14th January - I’ve just finished a couple of birth samplers for the brand new and ever so gorgeous Prince twins. I still need to frame them but here are the stitched pieces…



I completed these whilst watching Button Moon and The Raggy Dolls Series 1! I wasn’t particularly keeping note of the time but I think they took a couple of hours each. I need to remember to use a larger font in future though, this size 22 is slightly too fiddly.

19th January – I’ve had a bit of trouble finding frames for these. I thought that the frames I usually use were A5 but it turns out that I was mistaken. I headed into Loughton for some this afternoon only to find that I couldn’t buy anything from Max Speilmann due to a power-cut so in desperation I went across to a card and party shop over the road. This was a drop of luck in the end as they had a fantastic array of frames in the size that I needed at very reasonable prices. I’ll definitely use them again. Here are the framed pieces:

P1050808_blog   P1050807_blog

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