Monday, 6 August 2012

Day One in The Making of the 2012 WCHS Banner

Two of the Silver Badges (Senior Prefects) at Woodford have designed a new banner to commemorate this incredible year. I am not going to share their design but I will give you some regular spoilers.

Today is my first day creating the pieces that will make up the final banner and it must be ready for our school birthday parade on 29th September.  These are hand embroidered onto felt. I particularly like the English Rose…


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  1. Hi Mrs B,
    So sorry to have to resort to commenting on your blog about school, but I couldn't think how else to contact you. Anisah and I are having a bit of trouble sending our personal statements to you - all the emails seem to be bouncing, and we're not too sure what to do! Would it be possible for us to send them to another email address?
    PS. the flowers for the banner are looking amazing, can't wait to see it come together!


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