Monday, 28 January 2013

Needle Felting with Cat Hair

This is the ultimate upcycling project! Who knew you could make use of all that pesky cat hair?!

Inspired by a book that I saw on amazon but do not own and do not intend to buy (Crafting with Cat Hair: Handicraft to Make with Your Cat) I brushed Fanta and Queequag this weekend to gather some cat hair in preparation for an attempt to needle felt with it. I actually think I chose the more difficult fur to use as Fanta’s hair is much more coarse and kept sticking in the foam mat that I use. Quee’s is softer and feels more like the wool I have used before but I had managed to collect a lot more of Fanta’s fur meaning that I had enough to actually create something worthwhile. I’ve used wire for the whiskers and mini brads for the eyes and nose. He’s so cute!


He went from this…


To this in a matter of minutes…




  1. Hey Suzanne,

    I love seeing all your projects - you are so inventive! Having just acquired two small and boisterous cats, I think I might have to file this one for future reference!

    1. Hi Gill,

      The response from most people has been one of utter disgust so I'm glad you liked it!

      How are Dan and the other one (has she got a name yet?) getting on in their new home? They are absolutely gorgeous by the way.

      Love to you and Steve.


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