Monday, 4 March 2013

New (old) Toy – Vulcan Senior Child’s Sewing Machine

I have no time to pass comment as I am supposed to be helping to solve the 5th round of the Alan Turing Cryptography competition before my Year 10s beat us again but look at my new (old) toy that I rescued from Mum and Dad’s house this weekend. I had no idea it was there and am very excited…


A couple of hours later (cryptography puzzle solved with little help from me) I’m back to pass comment…

Isn’t it beautiful?! A fully manual, utterly fabulous little gadget that I may have to hide from my husband for a while. It’s ok, he rarely reads my blog!


It’s in the original box with instruction book. You see how happy these ladies look, that’s how thrilled I am. Indeed I am a “lucky lady”!

IMG_0349i     IMG_0347iIMG_0352i


Oddly, the machine has a single feed mechanism. By which I mean it uses a single piece of thread and has no bobbin feeding from below. As a result, the underside has a side-by-side double stitch effect as seen below.


I’m so over excited about this little toy!

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  1. Hello,
    I found a Vulcan Countess at a garage sale. I am trying to get it up and running for my daughter, but it is minus a manual, and I am at a bit of a loss. I the image you posted useful, but I would be grateful for more images of the manual.


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