Wednesday, 22 January 2014

A Growing Menagerie

Jessica is blessed with lots of talented friends and relatives who have already been busy making things for her. In particular, over the last few days her collection of handmade soft toys has been growing. Her Auntie Ruth delivered the fabulous crocheted giraffe on Sunday and then Gran gave Jessica the amazing knitted dog along with the customary knitted mouse (David has lots of these himself). We were also very cheeky and had Katryn’s knitted mouse repaired on Sunday, which is why it made it into the moses basket for the photograph below. We’re very grateful for the gifts and I’m sure that Jess is going to absolutely adore them for years to come.


JessicaAndToys_DaySeven-1   JessicaAndToys_DaySeven-4   JessicaAndToys_DaySeven-3


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