Saturday, 3 May 2014

Curtains for Jessica’s Room

Time is flying by and Jessica only just fits in her moses basket now so it will soon be time to move her into her own room. We had awful, floor-length, thin, green curtains up in her room, which did absolutely nothing for the room and were certainly not suitable for our funky little girl. This could mean just one thing – project!

So, off we popped to Ikea for some fabric followed by John Lewis for ruffling and fittings. All in, these curtains have cost me £15 to make and I have upcycled the lining from our old duvet cover. Can’t be bad although they are certainly not the most accomplished piece of sewing I’ve ever done – I struggled to find the space to handle that amount of fabric in our flat. As long as you don’t look too closely they will do very nicely. They are my first attempt after all!



IMG_0658edit   IMG_0661edit

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