Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Funky Shelf for under £2

Katryn needed a shelf to put her TV on so I got another one of those cheap shelves from IKEA and funkified (upcycled!) it for her. Her bedroom is pink but I distinctly remember her telling me that she wasn’t a big fan of pink anymore so I went for something that would last longer. As it turns out, I couldn’t drill more than a centimetre into any of her walls so the shelf has not even been used but nevermind! This isn’t really decoupage because I didn’t use small bits of paper but the general principles are the same. I used PVC glue to attach left over bits of wrapping paper to the edges and then top and bottom before varnishing the whole thing to seal it. I’m confident that it would have looked great on her wall but c’est la vie.


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