Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Rainbow Canvas Art

Paint, glue, glitter, stickers, coloured paper and cotton wool balls. What is there not to love?! This was today's project. First I gave Jessica a blank canvas along with white, bright blue and dark blue watercolours. She's very much into experimenting with mixing colours at the moment so the three wells in the palette were soon all full of much the same shade of blue but I'd expected that. I didn't prime the canvas beforehand so she was fascinated to see how the paint soaked into the canvas and even fizzed a bit at times (I have no idea why this happened!). 

While we waited for the canvas to dry we cut thin strips of coloured paper to use as the rainbow. Jessica is not pleased that rainbows do not have pink in them - please, please let this obsession be a phase! Anyway, once dry we used double-sided sticky tape to attach the paper in arches on the canvas forming the 3D rainbow. Jessica glued the cotton wool balls on as clouds and then added the glitter glue rain and sunshine sticker. As usual, the little lady was thrilled with the finished piece. 

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