Thursday, 2 February 2017

Honeycomb and Chocolate Spoons

Last winter I had an inexplicable urge to make honeycomb and attempt to perfect the art of doing so, which was easier said than done without a sugar thermometer. I will confess up front that in making the several batches more than a couple ended up in the bin and somehow I also managed to ruin a couple of my saucepans so this was certainly not one of my most successful exploits but the ones that worked were delicious and the photos I took at the time still make my mouth water now...

I used a BBC good food recipe but halved the quantities after my first attempt. The full recipe was huge and very thick in the 20cm square tin that they had recommended. I liked the thinner honeycomb that came from using the same tin with 100g of caster sugar, 2.5 tbsp of golden syrup and 1 tsp of bicarbonate of soda. I used this recipe because it didn't require a sugar thermometer. The reviews aren't great but with sufficient care and attention it did work for me.

I also made up a collection of chocolate spoons by scooping melted chocolate onto wooden teaspoons and then seasoning or decorating them laid out on greaseproof paper. I liked the idea of the chocolate chilli ones and the sea salt chocolate ones stirred through hot chocolate for a more indulgent drink. I didn't keep any for myself though so I've no idea if they worked! They did look pretty wrapped up in cellophane and ribbon though!

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