Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Quiet Book Part 1

I've been away with my head in a project for a while. I decided a couple of months ago that I wanted to make Jessica a fabric activity book. I've made lots of little things for Jess over the years but nothing like this; nothing that's taken this level of planning and preparation or this much time to complete. Actually, some of the crochet blankets may have taken longer but you can do them in front of the telly with little concentration so they don't really count!

Quiet books are more traditionally for younger children than Jessica but there were plenty of things that could be adapted to suit. Her book is not necessarily finished and I may well add to it in the future but for now I am done and will post the pages of the book across 3 blog posts. They are all handmade and a little rough around the edges but Jessica loves them and that's all that matters.

Each page has eyelets and the book is threaded together through them. The front cover has a snap on it and the back cover has a flap to snap the book closed. 

So, here are the first set of pages...

1. Washing line with tiny pegs, felt clothes and a laundry basket to store them in.

2. Snap wardrobe with clothes on hooks. They can be removed and moved around. Jessica designed the clothes and requested the cape!

3. Rapunzel's tower with wool hair for plaiting and putting clips in.

4. Manicures! There are twenty velcro nails in the little pouch to create a multitude of different manicures for my hand.

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